Use data to promote fair and accountable policing practices

Use data to promote fair and accountable policing practices

The National Police Database currently tracks over

$6B in federal funding via prime grants to law enforcement agencies, FY2014 - 2024

$158M value of current military equipment transfers

$2B compensation to victims from misconduct settlements

What’s in the database

This database provides publicly available data of federal grants and military equipment transfers to more than 250 local law enforcement agencies across the nation along with demographic and police department data for those jurisdictions. It also provides, where available, information about police misconduct complaints filed by individuals, consent decrees, and settlement amounts.

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Why it’s important

When local law enforcement agencies receive federal funding, they are obligated to comply with civil rights laws. Use the information in the database to support demands for accountability for law enforcement agencies believed to be engaged in discriminatory or otherwise unlawful conduct.

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