Los Angeles at a glance

Population by race and Hispanic origin

Full-time law enforcement staff, Los Angeles Police Department

  • 9,863 Officers
  • 3,000 Civilian staff

Officers per 1000 residents

  • 3.22 Los Angeles
  • 2.5 National average, cities with 250,000+ population
  • 2.3 National average

These figures reflect the Los Angeles Police Department only, and do not include state or other police agencies that may be present in this location.

Federal grant funding

Data was last updated February 14, 2022

We identified over $317.9M in federal grant funding, FY 2012-2022

Grant funding over time

Grant funding by federal department

Recent grants

USA spending grants for: Los Angeles
Amount Start and end dates Recipient and description Awarding agency CFDA program Type
$969,292.00 12/01/2021
LOS ANGELES, CITY OF BODY-WORN CAMERA IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM IN LOS ANGELES Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.835 Body Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Prime
$2,500,000.00 10/01/2021
LOS ANGELES, CITY OF FY21 COPS HIRING PROGRAM (CHP) Department of Justice Offices, Boards and Divisions 16.710 Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants Prime
$833,333.00 10/01/2021
LOS ANGELES, CITY OF PREVENTING AND ADDRESSING ANTI-ASIAN HATE CRIME: A DEMONSTRATION PROJECT IN LOS ANGELES Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.738 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Prime
$200,000.00 09/01/2021
LOS ANGELES, CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CA DE-ESCALATION TRAINING PROJECT Department of Justice Offices, Boards and Divisions 16.710 Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants Prime

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Military Equipment Transfers

Data last updated April 4, 2022

$1.7M value of military equipment has been transferred to the Los Angeles Police Department

The highest-value stock number reported is AIRPLANE,CARGO-TRANSPORT with 1 item valued at $800,865.00 each

Recent equipment transfers

Military equipment transfers
Ship date Item and National Stock Number (NSN) Quantity Acquisition value, each Acquisition value, total DEMIL code DEMIL IC
3/31/2017 SIGHT,REFLEX
55 55 @ $396.00 $21,780.00 D 1
3/15/2017 SIGHT,REFLEX
24 24 @ $396.00 $9,504.00 D 1
270 270 @ $396.00 $106,920.00 D 1
98 98 @ $98.10 $9,613.80 F 1

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Local police misconduct data, consent decrees, and settlements

Data was last updated January 25, 2022


We identified 3 publicly reported settlements that resulted in $192,300,000.00 in monetary compensation to victims.

Year Description Outcome

The City of Los Angeles will pay about $1.6 million to settle three lawsuits filed against the Los Angeles Police Department for fatal shootings by the police and police misconduct at a “character building camp” operated by the department for children ages 6 to 12.

The city’s payouts include settlements of cases brought by private persons and cases brought by police officers against the Los Angeles Police Department. These payouts are connected to a longer history of the city paying over $245 million to remedy legal claims against the police department over the past 5.5 years.


Former Lieutenant Raymond Garvin, of the Los Angeles Police Department, settled a claim for $700,000 after he was demoted for reporting misconduct.

Garvin, who led the Department’s Bomb Detection Canine Section, reported an incident that happened at Los Angeles International Airport in 2017 where he believed a dog handler sabotaged another dog handler, “by purposefully confusing his peer’s dog during a Federal bomb-sniffing certification test.” Garvin also reported inappropriate professional relationships in the Department. After Garvin’s reports, claims started to arise that Garvin was creating a hostile work environment and made racially charged remarks. The claims against Garvin were later determined to be baseless, but Garvin remained demoted and would not be reinstated to his original position.

2005 - 2018

Between 2005 and 2018, Los Angeles paid more than $190 million for police misconduct settlements, including $57.1 million paid between 2010 and 2014.

In 2015, The Wall Street Journal released an analysis of settlement totals from instances of police misconduct among the ten largest local police departments in the nation. Many of the cases involved in the analysis involved alleged beatings, shootings, and wrongful imprisonment. The analysis determined that, between 2010 and 2014, the City of Los Angeles spent $57.1 million on police misconduct cases. A separate analysis conducted by The Los Angeles Times in 2018 concluded that the city paid more than $190 million for police misconduct settlements from July 2005 to 2018.