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Population by race and Hispanic origin

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Full-time law enforcement staff, Des Moines Police Department

  • 367 Officers
  • 97 Civilian staff

Full-time law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents

  • 1.71 Des Moines
  • 1.6 National average, cities with 100,000 to 249,999 population
  • 2.2 National average

These figures reflect the Des Moines Police Department only, and do not include state or other police agencies that may be present in this location.

Federal grant funding

Data was last updated September 11, 2022

We identified over $7.5M in federal grant funding, FY 2012-2022

Grant funding over time

Grant funding by federal department

Recent grants

USA spending grants for: Des Moines
Amount Start and end dates Recipient and description Awarding agency CFDA program Type
$169,638.00 10/1/2020
CITY OF DES MOINES TECHNICAL ADVANCEMENTS AND EQUIPMENT TO SUPPORT PUBLIC AND OFFICER SAFETY Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.738 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Prime
$50,487.00 10/1/2020
CITY OF DES MOINES PSN Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.609 Project Safe Neighborhoods Sub
$219,874.00 9/1/2020
CITY OF DES MOINES SVPP Department of Justice Offices, Boards and Divisions 16.710 Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants Prime
$0.00 7/1/2020
DES MOINES, CITY OF CHP Department of Justice Offices, Boards and Divisions 16.710 Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants Prime

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Military equipment transfers

We were unable to locate any military equipment transfers for this location using the LESO Property Transferred to Participating Agencies database published by the Defense Logistics Agency. It is possible that this location has acquired military equipment for policing via other sources or programs.

Local police misconduct data, consent decrees, and settlements

Data was last updated January 25, 2022


We identified 1 publicly reported settlement that resulted in policy changes and $70,000.00 in monetary compensation to victims.

Year Description Outcome

In August 2021, in order to settle a lawsuit arising out of protests at the Iowa State Capitol in the summer of 2020 the state agreed to pay protesters $70,000 and no longer ban them from entering the Capitol building.

Following their arrests at the Capitol building during a protest against felon disenfranchisement, five protestors sued Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Stephan Bayens, alleging that banning them from the Capitol grounds was a violation of their First Amendment rights. The lawsuit was settled after a US District Court judge issued an order preventing the enforcement of the ban. The protesters' bans were lifted, they received $70,000, and the Iowa Department of Public Safety agreed to train its officers assigned to the Capitol on First Amendment rights of protestors.

Policy changes