New Jersey at a glance

Population by race and Hispanic origin

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Full-time law enforcement staff in New Jersey

  • 451 Agencies
  • 50,133 Officers
  • 17,787 Civilian staff

Full-time law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents

  • 5.53 New Jersey
  • 2.2 National average

Federal grant funding

USA Spending grants to New Jersey at the state level have not yet been reviewed, please check back soon. To see grant funding to cities and counties within New Jersey, scroll down to the “Cities and counties we’re monitoring” section of this page. 

Military equipment transfers

We were unable to locate any military equipment transfers for this location using the LESO Property Transferred to Participating Agencies database published by the Defense Logistics Agency, or transfer data for this state has not yet been reviewed by our staff. This state may have also acquired military equipment for policing via other sources or programs which is not reported here.

Police misconduct data, consent decrees, and settlements

Data last updated January 25, 2022

This is state-level data, not an aggregate of city and county information.


We identified 1 publicly reported settlement that resulted in $95,000.00 in monetary compensation to victims.

Year Description Outcome

The City of Millville agreed to a $95,000 settlement of a lawsuit accusing a police officer of falsely testifying before a grand jury.

Millville Police Officer, Albert Chard Jr., testified that he was dragged by David Carpenter’s pick-up truck. Chard’s testimony led to a grand jury indicting Carpenter for aggravated assault on a police officer and eluding a police officer. A surveillance camera nearby showed that Chard “was not dragged across the street and that Carpenter did absolutely nothing to support his being indicted by the grand jury.” Carpenter was emotionally distressed over the incident, rarely leaving his house due to being ashamed. He filed suit in 2018. The settlement was described as a “compromise” made by the city’s insurer “for the sole purpose of terminating the litigation.”


Counties and cities we’re monitoring in New Jersey

Data was last updated September 6, 2022


Counties monitored in: New Jersey
Funding Misconduct and Settlements
County Population Grant funding found Military equipment value Consent decree Public misconduct database Settlements
No Counties monitored in state


Cities monitored in: New Jersey
Funding Misconduct and Settlements
City Population Officers per 1000 people Grant funding found Military equipment value Consent decree Public misconduct database Settlements
Atlantic City 38481 9.79 $3,021,954.20 $86,445.11 No 1 settlement with undisclosed compensation to victims
Carteret 25077 2.91 $0.00 $348,332.20 No 1 settlement with compensation totaling $595,000.00
Jersey City 283943 5.25 $20,709,105.00 $166,464.38 No None found
Millville 27946 3.53 $934,167.00 $21,244.00 No None found
Newark 307216 4.53 $31,185,692.60 $99,241.30 No None found
Trenton 90097 3.78 $6,216,460.12 $217,056.00 No None found
Wildwood 5113 10.87 $1,820,014.68 $198,291.20 No 1 settlement with compensation totaling $325,000.00