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Full-time law enforcement staff, Portland Police Department

  • 873 Officers
  • 259 Civilian staff

Officers per 1000 residents

  • 1.71 Portland
  • 2.5 National average, cities with 250,000+ population
  • 2.3 National average

These figures reflect the Portland Police Department only, and do not include state or other police agencies that may be present in this location.

Federal grant funding

Data was last updated February 14, 2022

We identified over $16M in federal grant funding, FY 2012-2022

Grant funding over time

Grant funding by federal department

Recent grants

USA spending grants for: Portland
Amount Start and end dates Recipient and description Awarding agency CFDA program Type
$480,737.00 10/01/2020
PORTLAND, CITY OF PORTLAND METROPOLITAN AREA LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTION FY21 JAG GRANT PROGRAM Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.738 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Prime
$408,910.00 10/01/2019
PORTLAND, CITY OF PORTLAND 2020 JAG GRANT PROGRAM Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.738 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Prime
$377,097.00 10/01/2018
PORTLAND, CITY OF PORTLAND METROPOLITAN AREA LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY PROGRAM Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 16.738 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Prime
$2,353,665.00 09/01/2018
MILITARY, OREGON DEPARTMENT OF PORTLAND, CITY OF Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency 97.067 Homeland Security Grant Program Sub

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Military equipment transfers

We were unable to locate any military equipment transfers for this location using the LESO Property Transferred to Participating Agencies database published by the Defense Logistics Agency. It is possible that this location has acquired military equipment for policing via other sources or programs.

Local police misconduct data, consent decrees, and settlements

Data was last updated January 25, 2022

Consent decree

Portland has a consent decree with the Department of Justice that went into effect on Aug 29, 2014.

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We identified 4 publicly reported settlements that resulted in $3,335,000.00 in monetary compensation to victims.

Year Description Outcome

The Portland City Council agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a former Portland police officer against officer Robert Bruders for creating a hostile work environment and sexually harassing the former officer.

The Portland City Council agreed unanimously to a $250,000 settlement. Bruders, who has faced other claims of wrongful behavior, will be partially responsible for a total of about $800,000 being paid to his victims. The city has paid other settlements because of Bruders’ actions including his beating of Jason Cox, a man who was detained by police on suspicion of drunk driving.


The City of Portland settled with the family of Quanice Hayes, a Black teenager who was shot and killed by a Portland police officer in 2017. Hayes’s family will receive around $2.1 million to settle the wrongful death lawsuit.

On February 9, 2017, Portland police officer Andrew Hearst, shot Hayes three times with an AR-15 rifle from 10 feet away. Hayes was on his knees with hands in the air. Police had cornered Hayes in a driveway in Northeast Portland, following reports of armed carjackings in the area. Hayes was not armed when Hearst killed him. A month later, Hearst was acquitted by a grand jury.


In September 2020, Portland city officials approved a $975,000 settlement for Lane Martin’s family, a 31-year-old man who was fatally shot by police while suffering from a mental health crisis.

Lane Martin was fatally shot by a Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officer in July 2019. Officer Gary Doran did not face charges for actions resulting in Martin’s death. According to public documents, the PPB was aware that Lane Martin suffered from mental health issues.


In 2019, Portland agreed to a $10,000 settlement to resolve a police misconduct case.

In 2019, the City of Portland agreed to a $10,000 settlement with a woman who accused police of assaulting her with a baton in October 2016. According to local news reports, the woman alleged that officers beat her with the baton on the chest and forearm as she watched a downtown protest.